Update from work week and Saturday 22nd October. By Matt, Simon, Tom and Ian.

During work week various jobs were progressed.
A minor alteration to the diesel shed was made to add in a special oil store area set back from the main shed.
The main success story of the week was the D7018 had its first successful test run from Williton to Bishops
Lydeard and back. The team report that it was a great success, there are still minor issues to resolved, but overall
a very good first performance.  Another success story was that D6566 was re-started for the first time since
overhaul. Ian fills us in on the detail below.  On Saturday 22nd we had our final Diesel Driver Experience course
(and running day) of the year. There was also an incoming steam charter from London Paddington.

Work was also progressed on D9526 during the week.
Simon writes that Ryan and the restorations team have refitted the Left hand side rods to '26 and progressing well
with the Right hand side. Terry has fitted the sump to the bottom of the crank case to engine 6500/5-6. Photos of
this are the top few below the D7018 test run pictures.

Ian runs us through the success of Crompton D6566 being re-started along with some of the items requiring
fixing. The engine was first run last Monday it was apparent that the Triple Pump ballast resistance was running
very hot. Investigation revealed that it is formed of two series pairs of resistors in parallel and one of the resistors
had burnt out thus causing all the current to pass through the remaining good arm.
No wonder it got hot! And judging by the scorched paint work on the cover had been running like that for some
time. A replacement resistor is currently being sought. A leaking hydrostatic system union on the radiator fan
motor was found to have not been properly tightened so that has now been rectified. Will has continued painting
the engine room wall and has now got as far as the BIS. A bracket was been made to install a voltmeter to indicate
battery/auxiliary generator voltage inside the control cubicle similar to D6575. It is shown reading battery volts.
The traction motor blowers have been cleaned of accumulated debris, mainly carbon, the trumpets and guards
can now be re-fitted. All the rocker and fuel gallery covers have been fitted.

Mike Thompson has sent in a couple of links to several very old photos of D7018 at Derby.



Top photos below from Tom showing D7018 on test run, followed by Simons pictures of D9526, then below that
Ians pictures of D6566 progress