Bumper Update. Monday 28th August. By Ian, Graham and Martin.

On Wednesday 23rd August, D7017 left the Railway bound for Old Oak Common to take part in the open
day next Saturday. Various pictures below of her leaving the Railway and then at Old Oak itself next to
sister Diesel Hydraulic D821.  

More photos as well from last Sunday where the loco worked the Quantock Belle Dining service which was
a farewell for our now former Chairman who had stood down the day before at our AGM.  

Ian has provided an update on D6575.
The loco has unfortunately suffered from a few electrical issues recently that have resulted in some
spurious engine shut downs and occasional loss of battery charging.
Ably assisted by Will and Ross, investigations were performed at Minehead and revealed that there were
in fact two distinct problems.
Firstly, a dirty contact was found on the Stop Relay resulting in an intermittent supply in the circuit that
feeds the Engine Run Solenoid (ERS).
So not surprising the engine would occasionally shut down.
Following cleaning and coating with Electrolube Contact Treatment Grease reliable contact was restored
and the loco re-entered service for a few days.
But a call from the driver during the following week reporting that the loco battery had stopped charging
and was in fact in discharge resulted in its being removed from the train a few minutes before departure
Then after being uncoupled he reported that it had started charging again!
Clearly another intermittent situation.
Consideration into the problem suggested that things were marginal, possibly due to the Auxilary
Generator (AG) output voltage being too low.
So a return to Minehead with the team revealed that the AG voltage was in fact slightly below the normal
110V so was tweaked up a bit. Ironically the setting may have been affected by the recent replacement of
the burnt tag in the sensing line.
The loco was run for a an hour or so and put through a number of different operational procedures whilst
stationary (no driver was available) such as different brake modes and changing cabs and all now seemed
well.But before the loco could be accepted back into service, the WSR Head of Mechanical Engineering,
Dave Horton, insisted that it was given a loaded test run. This was arranged for Friday 18th August when
the 33 towed D1661 and six coaches on the 15:30 departure from Minehead as far as Williton.
The 47 was in itself deputising for an unavailable steam loco. During this run I monitored the supply to the
ERS using the DEPG Avometer and my trusty old Russian multimeter was used to monitor the supply to
the Battery Charge Contactor. Observations of these during the run confirmed that there was no loss of
supply to either point and following reporting of the results to Dave the loco was accepted back into traffic.
So hopefully these issues have now been cleared.

Thanks to Graham, Ian and Martin for the photos below.

Top photos below of D7017 and D821 at Old Oak Common having safely arrived by Allelys Low Loader, as
pictured below this first one.

D7017's last job before heading off to the "Oak" was to work the Quantock Belle
Dining train on the Sunday 20th August which was run via Norton Fitzwarren to
avoid "congestion" at Bishops Lydeard. Pictured below.
The Loaded test run for D6575 is pictured below on Friday
18th August.