Update 28/11/17. By Ian Robins.

On shed work has been progressed on D7018 and B end structural cab floor repairs. Metal work has been
extensively replaced to ensure the cab is secure going forward.

Also D9526 is starting to be run up and tested as that part of the engine change and re-commisioning process
moves forward considerably.

Ian has provided an update on D6566 from the last week or so and photos below:-
26/11 Will and I completed re-torquing of the cylinder head nuts on Saturday, heads 2, 3 and 4 being tackled.
A 3/4” drive ratchet adaptor was purchased during the week to go between the torque wrench and multiplier.
Absolutely brilliant, meant we could do the job with only two people, wish we’d had it two weeks ago!
The coolant rails have been re-fitted and next Saturday it is hoped to fill the cooling system, start it up and review
the situation.

22/11 D6566 - Julien and Leroy went down to Swanage on Friday and collected a number of spares acquired
from the 71A Loco Group. This includes a dismantled exhauster to replace the one that exploded although a
number of items will need to be recovered from the old unit.
The vanes are missing so will probably fit ones manufactured from an alternative material that have been under
test by the DEPG. On Saturday, Will, Andy, Leroy and I managed to re-torque a further four cylinder heads.
The rapid speed up in progress was mainly due to me having another look inside the Torque Multiplier kit and
finding that an interesting looking L shaped forged square section item was included.
I realised that this clamps into a hole provided in the TM and would then rests against one of the adjacent nuts
thus obviating the need for fitting tubes onto the reaction arm.
Heads 5 to 8 were then dealt with and hopefully the remaining three, 2 to 4, will be dealt with next week.
As a further improvement a 3/4” drive ratchet adaptor has been ordered to fit between the torque wrench and
multiplier. This should enable the wrench to be just worked backwards and forwards rather than having to be
passed around the engine room! On Sunday I refitted the coolant rails to No. 5 to 8 heads and replaced one of
the large coolant hoses.
The new vacuum gauge on the suction side of the fuel pump is pictured, similar to that fitted to D6575.