Update from Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June 2016.
By Jon Tooke with photos by Jon and Glyn Warren.

D1010 proved faultless on it first service train duties on the Green diagram for many years (or so it seems).
The loco is seen post prep in the yard with driver Neil McCannon and secondman Cameron Walker looking very
pleased before they set off for the days duties LE to BL. The loco is seen again around WN station throughout
the day. Gordon and Leroy were in the back cab as travelling fitters for most of the day, but were not called upon.

Our class 33 was also out to play on a DEC for the DEPG with four participants on the goods train. Paul T and
Graham were in charge of the course with Barney F in charge of the train.
Lighter moments at the DEPG saw Terry posing with his beloved class 14, and Big Darren doing his best to look
like he was off to Royal Ascot races!

On Sunday D1661 was out and about. The top photos are kindly provided by Jon. Glyns are below that.
some excellent photos from Glyn Below