Update from Saturday 29th April. By Ian Robins.

This coming weekend we have our first Maybach Memories train which will be operated by D1010,
our loco running dates page for more information

As we have said previously these trains are a trial for 2017 and so any support you can give by turning
out ride behind our locos is greatly appreciated.
We hope to have some more on this shortly.

Meanwhile Ian has provided an update on the Class 33's from last weekend.

D6566 - I was at Williton on Friday and in between watching the Spring Steam Gala workings re-fitted all
the air drain pipes. On Saturday, after re-connecting the air pipes in the cubicle that were disconnected
for the initial engine testing, a compressed air supply was connected to the main res pipe on the buffer
beam. A few leaks had to be sorted but eventually got as far as getting the proportional brake working
(see pictures). That was after I had found the pipe to the DSD timing reservoir that had been left
disconnected! Presumably that was a left over from the body work overhaul at Cranmore.
All the straight air brake valves work. Still a few more leaks to cure mainly on the control air side.
Will did a bit more Rail Grey painting in the engine room around the crankcase. Need to get the fuel tank
fitted now!

D6575 – The loco worked the timetabled diesel turn on Bank Holiday Monday. A headcode of ‘JF’ was
carried in memory of John Frood from Exeter, a long time Class 33 enthusiast who sadly passed away
suddenly last November at an age of only 56. There is no doubt that had he still been with us John
would have been a passenger on the train and doing his usual timings.