Update from 29th August- By Ian Robins.

D832 – “Team Onslaught” have now changed all four of the large bogie springs.  Some setting up is
now required to even things out.

D7017 – The Hymek worked the diesel diagram on both days over the weekend hauling the standard
three coach rake provided during the “Yellow” timetable period.  The loco is booked standby for the
Late Summer Weekend (LSW).

D6566 – Arrival of a new can of Anti-Tracking Varnish enabled a second coat to be applied to the Main
Generator commutator risers where the original varnish has shown signs of peeling off.  The Auxiliary
Generator has also been similarly treated.
Further rubbing down of the air tank brackets was also undertaken.  

D6575 – As this is one of the two DEPG machines rostered  for the LSW, the opportunity was taken to
give the loco a wash before the rain started!
Young Thomas provided assistance and some black runs resulting from getting too close to steam
engines were removed.

D1661 – Having obviously been inspired by assisting on D6575, Thomas then went on to give the 47 a
good wash on his own!  This is the second DEPG loco rostered for the LSW.

D9526- Terry and Martin are pictured working on the engine for the loco.