Update from Sat 26th September. By Terry Deacon.

Terry has provided some photos to illustrate the latest progress on the Class 14's, D9526 and
the long term overhaul project D9518.
An engine is currently being re-built for D9526 to undertake a swap.

Six Paxman heads have been selected for 9526's engine rebuild,they have been stripped down,
cleaned, inspected and cleared as serviceable as illustrated by the first photo.
The inlet and exhaust valves also have been cleaned and refurbished, next step is to lap the
valve faces.
Pictures below those two of D9518. Progress with D9518 as the cab is taken back to clean metal
and a coat of primer is applied. General view in the "Old Goods Shed " of 9518,the next step is
removal of the transmission to allow for further work to be done on the frames.