Update from Saturday 29th October. By Jon Tooke and Ian Robins.

Jon writes:
The engine rebuild of the class 14 engine 6500/5-6 is well underway and various parts have been refitted and the engine is seen looking more
like an engine rather than a kit of parts but there is still a fair way to go.

Infrastructure work in the shed saw the task of fabricating the new oil storage area continue apace. Looking more like a Bus shelter, the area
when finished will allow more space around the locos in the shed.

Following on from the recent successful test run, D7018 rests in the shed alongside class 35 mate '17 in a scene that could be from the 1960's.
Bodywork repairs and internal refitting of components continues on the Hymek.

Outside the yard was rather full up with all of the groups locos being on shed together.

Ian Writes:
D6566 – As originally built, all Class 33s featured a bank of resistors as ballast in the negative supplies to the Exhauster motors to “soften” the
inrush current as the motor starts up.  But it was soon found these were not required and although shorted out with a copper bar remained in
position.  However, this has now proved to be extremely useful as the resistor elements are the same type as the burnt out one in the Triple
Pump ballast resistance. So on Saturday Will assisted me to remove a resistor element from the redundant Exhauster ballast resistance and fit
it to replace the damaged Triple Pump one.  The engine was started and run for about half an hour and it was confirmed that the resistance
now runs just warm rather than red hot!  Will is going to repaint the scorched resistor cover.  The TM blower trumpets and grilles were also
refitted and with the fuse replaced it was confirmed that it still runs ok. Curiously, these are of a slightly different pattern to the ones on D6575.
It was noted that the new voltmeter shows the Aux Gen output to be 115V so need to tweak that down a bit.
Good water and oil pressure was indicated by the applicable gauges during the engine run.

Top photos from Jon with photos below that from Ian showing work on D6566