Update from last couple of weeks.  30/3/16. By Dave Hammond, Terry Deacon and Graham Perry

Over the last couple of weeks more progress has been made on

Painting between the frames and in and around the “B” end drawbar was completed and then covered by
a plastic sheet to keep clean as we continue on. We now have new seals available to fit to the Air Brake
Cylinders and with painting of the associated Pipework closer now to completion, we shall soon be ready to
fit them back onto the Loco.

We took the opportunity to do a trial fit of the Cowl and of the Water Header/Collector Tank to the front
end of the Cab now in undercoat. The Photos show the cab before during and after painting.

We found that the Cowl needs some of the securing bolt holes elongating a little to get a good fit. The
Tank needs two new lower Brackets made and welded in because the existing holes in the Brackets do not
align by about one hole diameter.

The Cowl and Tank were not fitted to the loco on delivery to DEPG and we believe they came from another,
maybe one of the later Batch 2 of Class 14’s, whereas our D9518 is from the first batch – a little different?.

Lots of photos below from Dave of the work done.

Terry reports that good progress is being made on the engine for
D9526 with further heads being fitted
pictured below (middle three photos).

The first batch of photos below is from Graham Perry,
D7017 was used on the WSR's "Tidy Train" on
Saturday 19th March. They have run a series of these trains to help clear lineside debris and undertake
cutting back duties. The loco is shortly being made ready for its visit to the St Philips Marsh Open day on
Bank Holiday Monday 2nd May.