Update from Saturday 25th March. By Ian and Terry.

D1010 was collected from Bishops Lydeard on Saturday by D6575.

Back in the shed, on Saturday Will, his younger brother Monty and Thomas rubbed down and cleaned the
crankcase doors before giving them a coat of special metals primer
on D6566.  The doors will be painted
Rail Grey.
The last of the two sheared off studs in the radiator group were drilled out and after cleaning
the threads with a 1/2” BSW tap new studs were fitted.
All of the studs that came out have been replaced
with new ones.
New nuts have also been used with anti-seize copper grease applied.
Replacement rubber seals were used and Will helped me get the three elements back into position.
On Sunday the cooling system was filled and left for a few hours to asses the situation.
Nos. 4 and 5 elements are now dry so confirming my suspicion that the seals were at fault.
But No. 7 still shows a slight dribble that appears to be coming from the bottom flange so that may be
cracked as the tube pack looks ok.
We have two good spares so it will be swapped for one of those, at
least the nuts will now undo!
Whilst waiting to do the radiator examination some more under-frame steam
cleaning was tackled mainly inside and above No.2 bogie as well as revisiting some areas on No.1 bogie.

Meanwhile work continues on D9526 with the Turbo Charger being lifted from the engine by Simon,Warren
and Mike.
A special adaptor has been made to help fit the oil priming pump feed to the replacement/
reconditioned Paxman Engine thanks to Bob Clegg.