Update from Saturday 24th June. By Ian Robins and Terry Deacon.

Ian provides us with a run down on the latest from the shed.

D1010 – The loco worked the booked DMU diagram on Saturday that included reserved coaches for
WSR PLC shareholders on their way to the AGM at Minehead.  On Sunday it worked the 80 mile
Maybach Memories diagram and was reported to have performed well.

D7018 – Work continues on rubbing down the bodywork and Julien was busy inside tracking down an
electrical earth fault.

D9526 – The replacement engine is due for imminent installation.  A few of us moved the short end
bonnet around and it has been fitted to the loco.

D6566 – It is planned that WS Restoration will provide a Fork Lift driver this coming Thursday to re-fit
the fuel tank.
On Saturday Will, Ross and me changed the automatic brake slack adjuster that would not wind back
replacing it with a spare one that I got from Swanage last year.
Will was keen to find the problem so he dismantled the defective unit and at length found the problem
to be a cracked ratchet wheel.
This was replaced by one taken from another old adjuster and when tested it now works fine.
On Sunday I re-fitted the repaired water temperature gauge.
It now reads within a degree of the oil temperature gauge so appears to be reading correctly.
The main generator connection box was cleaned internally and insulation measurements of the main
generator and traction motors were taken.

Stop press!! The fuel tank was fitted Thursday 29th!
Ryan from WS Restoration drove the fork lift and myself, Leroy and Martin W guided him in.
It was very tight!
But we got all the bolts tightened, pipes connected and gauges in so a very successful day all in all.
The bedplate drain pipe will now be fitted.
We put in around 10 gallons of fuel to check the tank is still “watertight” and it is planned to put in
about 200 gallons next week as we are running on less than empty at the moment!

Top photos from Terry showing:-

Julian checking out wiring in the cab of 7018
Oil Pump fitted to front of Paxman engine and the piping all in location for a hot water leak test
9526 with brake frame refitted and short end bonnet lifted back into place.

Below those are a selection from Ian. Top three show fuel tank refitted to D6566.