Update- Thursday 3rd December.

D9518 has been progressed over the winter as Dave Hammond Writes:-

The team have as planned, removed all items down to solebar level and recently lifted out from
between the Fames the last major item we needed to remove: the Voith transmission. Since the Voith
went into store, we made the space we needed and got between the frames, and over recent weeks,
have removed and filled at least three large Wheelie bins with dirt, rust and debris accumulated
during the Locos BR and then NCB working life(s).

Having done the cleaning, the Loco we found underneath that lot, is in excellent structural condition.
Credit due to BR Swindon design, robust steel construction and the enduring paint-job that has
provided sound protection to the underlying Steelwork from when it was applied back in 1964.

Our workplan over these Winter months is to finisf the preparation and repainting of the Chassis top-
sides and the Frames and in the new year hand the Group a fully cleaned and painted rolling chassis
ready for lift-off and free the Wheel-Sets from the Frames. That lift-off is planned for sometime in first
half of next year.  By then the Group will have decided where to place the work required to replace
worn Frame rivets and to reprofile the part worn Tyres on the Wheel-Sets.

In parallel to the above the Team in the Goods Shed is making steady progress, on an opportunity
basis, refurbishing the Cab, the Side Frames that support the Engine Room Doors and organising
specialist refurbishment of other large parts we removed earlier, for example, the Heat Exchanger and
the Fire Extinguisher Bottles. We know that we do need to procure new Seals for the Voith
Transmision so as to be ready to fit them in the new year. Overall there remains plenty to keep the
team busy as we aim to start the rebuild of the Loco as soon as the Work on the Frame Rivets and
Wheel-Sets is complete.

Meanwhile Terry and others have been busy on the rebuilding of the Paxman engine for
9526, the pictures immediately below show :-

-Cam follower boxes and oil feed pipes fitted
-Drive shaft and water pump fitted

Ian has been busy on D6566

The new rubber material for the air tank brackets arrived so on Saturday I made a start on cutting
and sticking it in place.
Due to lack of bench space I did not get it finished that day but was down on Sunday for a few hours
and managed to complete all of the bracket assembly apart from the four triangular distance pieces.
Where the rubber was prone to curl up at the ends, I put cable ties around to hold it until the glue
The Traction Motor Blower inlet “trumpets” and grilles have been removed and following cleaning a
coat of Rail Grey paint was applied.

Pictures below that of D9526 engine.