Weekly Roundup – 14-Jul-24 – coming soon

Weekly Roundup – 14-Jul-24 – coming soon

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup – 14-Jul-24 – coming soon

  1. Roy Archdale

    Hi , Want to book a diesel driver experience day, prefer the Hymek if possible (from my WR train spotting days (Keynsham station)….Thank you

    1. depgstaff Post author

      Hello Roy, thanks for contacting us about Diesel Driver Experience Courses. These are run by the WSR and dates for 2023 have not yet been announced. When they are announced, details will become visible on the WSR events page.

      The ‘Hymeks’ can normally only be booked after completing a course on a Class 33 and there is quite a long waiting list (we still have courses outstanding from 2020) but please get in touch with the WSR and let them know that you would like to be listed for a ‘Hymek’ course. Thanks !

  2. John Carpenter

    I have a few very distant memories of the hymeks. Most of them were from the early 1970s during my early childhood when I was either in a push chair or walking along Whitehouse Road near the railway bridge close to Swindon station. I also have a memory of seeing a hymek at the Somerset Railway near Minehead in 2005. I am delighted to know that there are 4 hymeks that still exist. My memories of the hymeks are more domineering and vivd than those of some people as I am on the autistic spectrum. Hymek razzmatazz certainly fills my mind when I think of that episode of ‘Some Mother’s do ‘ave ’em when Frank Spencer takes on a roll for Scottish dancing and a hymek is seen approaching a railway station in that episode.

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