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Pre-owned hardback book – “DIESELS on the REGIONS – LMR” by Gavin Morrison, Oxford Publishing Co., 1984, in very good condition but with a sun-bleached spine.

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This book by well-known author Gavin Morrison is a pictorial study of diesel-hauled workings on the vast and varied London Midland Region and includes BW photos ranging from LMS 10000 through to HSTs. Some photos of WR hydraulics are included from the early 1960s when both ‘Warships’ and ‘Westerns’ were regular visitors to Crewe and Birmingham. Plenty of nostalgia has been captured by this volume of the Regions series.

This copy is pre-owned and has been donated to the DEPG for the purpose of raising funds for the restoration of D1010. Please help D1010 by purchasing this book. Thank you very much !

If you have books or magazines that you want to donate to us, please email or use the contact form so that we can provide a postal address to you. We appreciate your efforts to give us more items to sell to raise funds for the DEPG fleet.

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