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  • DIESELGEN 07-May-21

    Class 33 ‘Crompton’ D6566 (33 048) pilots BR(W) 4-6-0 No. 7828 ‘ODNEY MANOR’ past Castle Hill on the climb out of Williton on 6th May 2021. Photo by Mark Ireland © CC BY-NC 3.0


    On Saturday 8th May 2021 and Sunday 9th May 2021, crew training specials will again be running between Bishops Lydeard (BL) and Williton (WN).

    The first two return trips of the day will be steam-hauled, but Class 33 ‘Crompton’ D6566 (33 048) will take over in the afternoon and will provide training and refresher opportunities for DEPG and WSR diesel crew members.

    The booked movements are:

         1015 BL arriving WN 1050 (steam hauled)

         1125 WN arriving BL 1200 (steam hauled)

         1315 BL arriving WN 1350 (steam hauled)

         1420 WN arriving BL 1455 (steam hauled)

         1515 BL arriving WN 1548 (diesel hauled)

         1610 WN arriving BL 1645 (diesel hauled)

    Trains may depart early. Other workings may take place. The railway is to be considered as LIVE at all times.

    Please note that the stations remain closed to the public and trespassing is not allowed.


    The webcams provide a very good way of watching the action from afar. Here are the links:

    BL: http://www.wsr.org.uk/r-cam-bl2.htm

    WN: http://www.wsr.org.uk/r-cam-wn2.htm

    After a long absence, we are pleased to note that the Crowcombe Heathfield webcam is back online. Here’s the link:

    CH: http://www.wsr.org.uk/r-cam-ch1.htm

    Many thanks to Railcam UK and the WSR for providing these webcam services.

    Take care and stay safe!