D1010 ‘WESTERN CAMPAIGNER’ – timeline

D1010 ‘WESTERN CAMPAIGNER’ – timeline

D1010 ‘WESTERN CAMPAIGNER’ in original livery, less than 16 weeks old, captured on film by an unknown photographer in the Hatton area while hauling an express on the Paddington to Birmingham route.

Locomotive timeline:

15-Oct-62 Built at BR Swindon Works (Lot 450). Livery  – Maroon with yellow buffer beam
24-Oct-62 Allocated to Old Oak Common (81A)
11-Feb-63 Fault developed on ‘A’ engine. Repaired and returned to service with a small yellow warning panel at each end. Buffer beams changed from yellow to black.
25-Jan-64 Re-allocated to Plymouth Laira (84A)
Jan-66 Minor collision damage at ‘A’ end
23-Apr-66 Worked the Royal Train from Windsor to Cheltenham Racecourse Station for an overnight stop. HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip visited the Slimbridge Wild Fowl Trust the next day and returned to Windsor, again hauled by D1010.
07-May-66 Hauled Ian Allan special train Paddington to Penzance (6 coaches) breaking 3 records ; Paddington – Penzance 5 hrs 13 min; Paddington – Plymouth 3 hrs 19 min; Plymouth – Penzance 1 hr 36 min; Max speed 94 mph
18-Mar-68 Re-allocated to Swansea Landore (87E)
25-Jan-69 Re-allocated to Plymouth Laira (84A)
12-May-69 Entered Swindon Works for repairs to severe collision damage at ‘A’ end
15-Aug-69 Released to traffic after a full overhaul, fitting of Dual Brakes & AWS and painted into BR-blue with full yellow ends.
12-Jun-70 Entered Swindon Works for repairs to a fractured intermediate gearbox platform and for a bogie change. Released to traffic on 20-Aug-70
15-Jun-72 Entered Swindon Works for repairs to fractured skins, a groove from Radiator A to radiator B and buffer beams that were buckled and pushed back. Released to traffic on 01-Dec-72
27-May-74 Hauled the last leg of “The Great Briton Ltd” Railtour.
17-Mar-75 Hauled LMS Stanier Pacific 46229 ‘Duchess of Hamilton’, formerly resident at Butlins, Minehead from Taunton to Swindon works for overhaul.
09-May-75 Both engines replaced and loco repainted at Plymouth Laira
27-Nov-76 Hauled the “Tour 52” Railtour
07-Feb-77 Worked the last ‘Western’-hauled stone train from Foster Yeoman’s Merehead Quarry.
13-Feb-77 Hauled the “Western Requiem Relief” Railtour
20-Feb-77 Hauled the “Western Requiem” Railtour. Between London and Reading, ‘B’ engine shut down. At Swindon, with assistance from fitters, ‘B’ engine was restarted to climb Sapperton bank then switched off to prevent coolant loss. At Cardiff, the locomotive was removed from the train.
21-Feb-77 Loco towed to Bristol Bath Road depot.
22-Feb-77 Loco towed to Plymouth Laira. The night shift repaired the locomotive and it was released to traffic at 3:00am on 23-Feb-77
23-Feb-77 Loco moved to Old Oak Common depot.
26-Feb-77 Paired with 1048 ‘WESTERN LADY’, the pair shadowed the Western Tribute Railtour on 26th Feb, just in case of failure of the two ‘Westerns’ on the train.
27-Feb-77 Withdrawn at 16:30 hrs after completing 1,360,740 miles in BR service (5th highest mileage)
02-Mar-77 Moved to Newton Abbot and stored in the old diesel depot
July-77 Sold to Foster Yeoman and moved to Merehead Quarry. The loco was painted into Green livery with full yellow ends and was renamed as ‘WESTERN YEOMAN’, carrying the number ‘D1035’.
17-May-86 The loco was towed from Merehead to Didcot by Foster Yeoman Class 59 number 59 001 to commence restoration under an agreement with the DEPG.
27-May-87 The loco moved under her own power (on one engine) for the first time since 1977
05-May-90 Operated at Didcot Diesel Weekend
15-Dec-90 Wheels re-profiled at Cardiff Canton diesel depot
11-Jan-91 Towed to the West Somerset Railway by Foster Yeoman Class 59 number 59 001
16-Mar-91 Hauled passenger services during the WSR Diesel Gala weekend
15-Jun-92 Appeared at the Paignton & Dartmouth diesel gala along with DEPG ‘Hymek’ D7017.
29-Jun-92 Appeared at the Bristol Bath Road open day
04-Jul-92 Appeared at the Gloucester open day along with DEPG ‘Hymeks’ D7017 and D7018
15-Sep-92 Appeared at the Plymouth Laira open day along with 4 of the preserved ‘Westerns’ and the DEPG’s ‘Hymeks’ D7017 and D7018.
05-Oct-92 Appeared at the Bodmin & Wenford Railway gala weekend along with ‘Hymek’ D7017.
01-Jan-93 Foster Yeoman agreed to sell the loco to the DEPG who then replaced the name and number with the original ‘D1010’ and ‘WESTERN CAMPAIGNER’ plates and painted the loco into BR-blue with small yellow warning panels.
May-98 Hauled one of the many stone trains that were supplying stone to Minehead for the project to prevent coastal erosion.
28-Aug-98 Appeared at Foster Yeoman’s Merehead Quarry open day (carrying D1035 ‘WESTERN YEOMAN’ identity and ‘Y’ logo for the 75th anniversary of the company).
June-14 Withdrawn from service on the WSR due to a failed turbocharger.
25-Jun-16 Returned to service on the WSR
08-Jun-18 Failed at Bishops Lydeard with a seized transmission at ‘B’ end. The loco was towed to Williton after disconnecting the cardan shaft on ‘B’ transmission. Work continues on fault diagnosis and repair.


D1010 Restoration Project Update – Jan 2024

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