Renew your membership

Renew your membership

Many thanks for renewing your membership of the DEPG. We need every member to help ensure the long-term survival of our heritage locomotive fleet !

To renew, please select the appropriate category of membership and click on the relevant picture below to start the process.

When checking out, please write RENEW in the order notes field. If you know your membership number, you can include that as well, but it is not essential.

DEPG membership runs on an annual basis from the day that you joined so if you renew early, you don’t lose any of your membership time. Please don’t let your membership lapse – we need your support !

As an alternative to the electronic method, you can also renew by using the Paper Method. Just click the link and print the form: Membership Form – Paper Method. If you don’t have a printer, use the CONTACT form to request that a membership form be mailed to you.

Thanks for supporting the DEPG !



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