The Diesel & Electric Preservation Group Ltd is a limited company registered at Companies House, Cardiff and was first incorporated in 1987. Prior to registration as a formal company, the Group existed as The Diesel & Electric Group, tracing its roots back to 1972 and its original days as a publishing organisation. See our History page.

The Company is also a registered charity and no member, management, active or otherwise, receives any form of payment for their time spent on behalf of the Group. The directors of the Company (see People page) are also the Trustees of the charity. Do see our latest accounts, available at Companies House for full details and also take a look at our entries on the Charities Commission website.

Company Registered at Companies House, Cardiff Number: 2193894

Registered UK Charity Number: 298142

Registered Office: The Old Goods Shed, Williton Station, Williton, SOMERSET TA4 4RQ

Registered VAT number: 634 5386 28


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