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Pre-owned hardback book – “Class 50 – Life and Times series” by Colin J. Marsden, Oxford Publishing Co., 1991, in BRAND NEW condition.

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This book by well-known author Colin J. Marsden is a 160-page history and celebration of the English Electric ‘D400’ Type 4 that became Class 50 under the TOPS classification scheme. This work covers the development of the class from the DP2 prototype, the duties of the class over the years, the mid-life refurbishment and the decline, to the point of publication in 1991.

This BRAND NEW but 30 year old copy is pre-owned and has been donated to the DEPG for the purpose of raising funds for the restoration of D1010. Please help D1010 by purchasing this book. Thank you very much !

If you have books or magazines that you want to donate to us, please email or use the contact form so that we can provide a postal address to you. We appreciate your efforts to give us more items to sell to raise funds for the DEPG fleet.

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